Trying to find the fluffiest big dog breeds for the your next pet? Here are some idea for the best big fluffy dogs.

We all love dogs that we can cuddle and dogs that we can go active with. If you have long been a fan of large fluffy dogs, this read is for you. Check out some of the largest dog breeds with fluffy, thick, and long coats in the list that we have prepared for you.

big Fluffy dog breeds

Best Big Fluffy Dog Breeds For Your Next Furbaby – Fluffiest Large Dogs

One of these bigger breeds might suit you if you have a huge house with plenty of outdoor space. You and your family will definitely enjoy spending time playing and exercising with one of these furry friends.

siberian husky

1. Siberian Husky
The Siberian Husky has a lovely, thick coat that comes in multiple colors and markings. Their striking facial masks and blue eyes add to the appeal to them. They are friendly, clever, and very family-oriented. The Siberian Huskies are active, adventurous dogs that love to explore, run, and play games.

Therefore, one of these stunning fluffy pups is best-suited to an active family, as they do need lots of exercise. Siberian Huskies like howling but rarely bark and they will not alert you if someone comes onto your property. You’ll need to brush your Husky when it is shedding his coat as often as necessary.

newfoundland - big dog

2. Newfoundland
Newfoundlands are large in size and their dense fur coat makes up some of that weight. Some newfoundlands may fall under the “giant” dog breed category since they can weigh up to 150lbs.

Newfoundlands have a dark or black colored coat. This is another gentle giant dog breed. Newfoundlands tend to be great with families and are generally very patient with kids. 

Bouvier Des Flandres - large dog

3. Bouvier Des Flandres
The Bouvier is a large fluffy dog with a tousled coat and powerful build. They embody a rugged, powerful, and fearless adventurer packed with strength, endurance, and vigor. Despite their tough look, they are very gentle and warm-hearted and love to be around kids and their human owners.

The Bouvier has a naturally strong personality of an outdoor athlete, fearless and confident, but he is also happy hanging out with you indoors. He does need vigorous exercise to keep healthy, but it’s important he is walked or exercised several times a day.

great pyrenees - large white dog

4. Great Pyrenees
The large dog breed has a soft, white fur coat. Since this dog originated from the mountains, the heavy fur coat was meant to keep these dogs warm in cool or cold weather. 

If you live in the same kind of climate, consider a Great Pyrenees. They make for great family pets with the right training and obediance. These dogs are nice and gentle despite their large size (average over 100lbs). 

Eurasier - large dog

5. Eurasier
The Eurasier is wary of strangers and other dogs, but they are generally not aggressive. They are calm, intelligent, curious, loving to their owners, and are easily able to enjoy exploring new adventures. These dogs don’t need a lot of physical activities, and their chilled-out demeanor makes them great pets. They are happiest when in the center of the home, and they form a very strong bond with their owners.

They are highly intuitive dogs, given their high level of intelligence means that they have the ability to read minds. They are sensitive, adoring, and are generally very calm around the house. The Eurasier has a lot of coats, but is easy to groom. This breed will shed heavily twice a year and during that period you may need to do some brushing more often to keep the loose hair under control.

white poodle - large white dog

6. Standard Poodle
If you get the biggest size of a poodle, then you have a big old fluffball on your hand. Their curly fur probably makes then one one the most ubiquitous fluffy dogs. Poodles are generally intelligent and can easily be trained. 

Their fluffy fur coat is hypoallergenic, making this big dog breed great for allergy sufferers. Poodle do require regular grooming to keep their coat in tip-top shape. Sometimes, it can even be long enough to place little bows in.

alaskan malamute - big dog
7. Alaskan Malamute
The Alaskan Malamute is very intelligent, highly independent, and has tremendous strength, energy, and endurance. A Malamute’s size might scare off an intruder, but they regard everyone, even strangers, as their friends. So, they are not a watchdog type of breed.

They need to be introduced properly to other animals in the house because their high prey instinct can cause them to kill small animals, like birds, rabbits, and cats. These dogs can also be stubborn and challenging to train, making them more recommended pets to an experienced than a first-time dog owner. The twice-yearly shedding of the coat is something to behold, plus, they need lots of grooming to keep their double coat from matting.

old english sheepdog - large dog

8. Old English Sheepdog
These dogs are well-known for their thick, peek-a-boo hairstyle, and rolling, bear-like movement. They are friendly and make a lovely family pet especially for a household that enjoys hanging outdoors with plenty of walking or jogging. Keeping the Old English Sheepdog coat clean and tangle-free is time-consuming and expensive, making them a high maintenance pet to have.

Separation anxiety is common in Old English Sheepdogs. They can become destructive if they are left alone for too long. With the time and patience to care for OES, this breed with a shaggy coat, and brilliant mind, is a great addition to your family.

rough collie

9. Rough Collie
The Rough Collies are devoted to their owners, intelligent and always watchful and protective. The friendly and good-natured Collie can be suspicious, as a good watchdog, they bark at strangers but not aggressive. Nowadays, the Collie is more likely to be a pampered pet that adapts well to different kinds of home environments.

It enjoys both resting and relaxing around the house as well as running and playing outside with its family. It is not unusual for the Collie to gather children and pets, chase cars, and bark because of its herding instincts. These dogs can be a little shy and be highly sensitive to emotions. The Rough Collie is a wonderful and lovely family pet. However, grooming the long, superbly fluffy coat can be time-consuming.

Samoyed - large white dog
10. Samoyed
The stunning dog Samoyed is famous for having an incredibly fluffy white coat. They are talkative dogs, and just seem to love life. They are loving and loyal too. They are especially happy spending time hanging around and playing with their human family. Unfortunately, these pups do not like being away from their owners which leads to separation anxiety.

The Samoyed is affectionate with everyone in the family, but often chooses one special person in the household. They are the happiest when they are a part of a family life, this breed needs to be with people. As gorgeous as its coat is, the Sammy owners must be diligent brushers to make sure it doesn’t tangle and mat. If you can accommodate Samoyed’s need for company and high-energy personality, you will have a loving and lovable fluffy companion for life.

chow chow - large dog
11. Chow Chow
The Chow Chow looks fluffy but is not a cuddly buddy. They are aloof and downright suspicious of strangers, but they can be a totally loyal companion to their owners. The Chow Chow is said to combine the bravery of a lion, the playfulness of a panda, the allure of a teddy bear, the grace of a cat, and the loyalty of a dog.

They are not really big fans of being hugged or petted over, but they will be a mellow and attentive companion to their favorite human, and their loyalty extends to other family members. They move slowly, so this breed is not the best choice for running with a highly active type of person but they can be a good walking companion because they have excellent endurance.

Tibetan Mastiff - large dog

12. Tibetan Mastiff
If you’re looking for a dog that resembles a lion, this is the large dog breed for you. Its appearance resembles that of a large lion’s mane. Tibetan mastiffs are also a very large dog breed weighing up to 150lbs. 

Keep in mind, that beautiful fur and size comes at a premium. Tibetan mastiffs are rare dog breeds since they are so expensive for a purebred. 

Large Fluffy dogs look adorable but intimidating at times. Most of them are affectionate, clingy, and cuddly even if they feel loneliness and separation anxiety when being left alone, especially for a longer period of time.

Some of them can be stubborn, yet trainable by their owners. They are quite high-maintenance, not to mention their grooming during shedding period. In choosing your big fluffy companion, you have to weigh in factors that are compatible to your personality and way of living.



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