Trying to find friendly large dog breeds for kids? Here are some of the most popular big dogs that are perfect for families.

Large dogs are great for families who have kids, not just as guard dogs but also as playmates. Big dogs tend to be active, playful, and loyal. They love bonding with their owners and playing catch outside, while also remaining good in protecting their house.

family friendly big dogs

Not only that, but they’re also great for snuggling up on the couch and for brightening your day. But more importantly, dogs can be the most loyal companions who will stay by your side and protect your family against potential harm.

Large dog breeds normally weigh more than 55lbs. As such, they can be quite an investment if you consider the cost of food and care. Still, nothing beats that warm feeling of coming home after a long day at work or school and seeing your furry family member run to you to greet you. Apk Ticket

Large Dog Breeds For Kids – Best Big Dogs For Families

Below are the top large dog breeds you can consider when choosing a dog for your family and kids:

bernese mountain - large dog

1. Bernese Mountain Dog
A gentle giant like the Bernese Mountain Dog is perfect for your family. They might be borderline scarily huge that can weigh up to 115lbs, underneath that fluff is a calm, gentle, sweet dog that will bring joy and protection to your family.

alaskan malamute - big dog

2. Alaskan Malamute
Known for their beauty, Alaskan Malamutes are also strong and a huge fur of energy. They’re very active and like to play around. This bred sled dog lives for their pack, be it human or canine. One thing this dog isn’t is relaxed, so be prepared for regular runs and walks.

golden retriever - big dog

3. Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever is an American-favorite family dog. And true to its name, they’re a joyful companion for your kids. They’re also quick learners, but this breed requires tons of physical activities. Hence, you’re in for plenty of playing and silliness with a Golden Retriever in the mix.

basset hound - big dog

4. Basset Hound
Basset Hounds are characterized by their long ears, droopy face, and long little body. At first glance, you’d think they’re a small dog breed, but most Basset Hounds weigh around 50 to 60lbs. They’re one of the friendliest large dog breeds, which is great for kids.

german shepherd - big dog

5. German Shepherd
One of the most familiar big dog breeds is the German Shepherd. They’re naturally protective, loyal, and incredibly smart. Generally, they’re extremely affectionate with family and love playing with children.

labrador retriever - big dog

6. Labrador Retriever
You’d never go wrong with a Labrador Retriever, the most popular large breed, not to mention possibly the best family dog in the world. Kids, adults, other pets, you name it–labs will love them. They’re very sweet as well, so it’s a given to fall in love with one.

irish setter - big dog

7. Irish Setter
Another beautiful breed to the extent that they’re total showstoppers is the Irish Setter. These dogs are also gifted in the athletic department. As such, you must have an active lifestyle if you want to give a home to an Irish Setter. Such a trait makes them a perfect work-out body.

Belgian Tervuren - big dog

8. Belgian Tervuren
One of the four Belgian breeds is the Belgian Tervuren. Although easily mistaken as other Belgian breeds, the one thing that sets Tervs apart is their coat type. They have long furs and are the type to love mastering difficult tasks. For this reason, they can be a bit goal-oriented.

boxer - big dog

9. Boxer
Boxers are athletic and animated dogs. Don’t be surprised if you see them often jumping and romping! They’re also loyal and sweet, often getting along very well with children. It’s in their nature to protect their families, making them fantastic family pets.

newfoundland - big dog

10. Newfoundland
Newfoundlands are lovable, huge dogs and are among the friendliest dogs out there. Their very long coats are prone to heavy shedding. Shedding habit aside, having a Newfoundland will ensure a sweet and gentle dog for your family. This breed typically comes in enormous sizes, ranging from 21-29 inches in height and weighing about 100 pounds.

black russian terrier - big dog

11. Black Russian Terrier
There’s no mistaking that big black ball of fur that they call Black Russian Terriers. These nimble giants thrive in cold weather due to their shaggy coats. Since they’re naturally large, this breed is best with older children. Nonetheless, these giants are calm and protective of the children in their families, so no worries.

labradoodle - big dog

12. GoldenDoodle/LabraDoodle
While not an AKC breed, doodles are being more and more popular as a family pet. With its low-maintenance, hypoallergenic coat, and its friendly disposition, the doodle is always eager to please. They have have that poodle/retriever intelligence, so they can be trained easier than some breeds.

Many large dog breeds out there make a great family pet, even when around children. Some of them will fight all their might to protect your family and others will utilize their physical appearance to scare off a burglar. Whatever breed is calling for you, we hope this article was of any help to you. Best of luck on finding your giant best bud!


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